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The future is looming like crocodiles near the water’s edge where the gazelles drink. They sense each other’s presence, but what can they do?

I sat and watched two full episodes of Kim Possible and another half an hour of Disney Channel Live…on my cellphone. I should add that the screen size mattered not, it was still an entertaining hour and a half. “What had happened was”, I was trying to avoid deadlines, so I opted to “test” the newest feature on many cells, the third screen… cellphone/PDA television. There were no lack of choices, I actually had too many programs to choose from. I could have chosen several sports or news channels; however, Disney was the first to pop up at the top of the scrollpage. I thought, hey why not? Plus, it made me feel good to know that I was going to seem pretty cool to my daughter who just recently asked me, in a sort of condescending way, if I knew what a Sidekick was. She went on to say that when she got her own “SK”, the first thing her auntie was going to show her was the ins and out of text messaging…did I mention she is nine?

People, what we have is yet another new media evolution poised to be a revolution, as the playing field for the entertainment industry becomes increasingly more level as mediamakers take prosumer equipment and software and go from concept to broadcast ready edits. At the same time the distribution machine that was once a Oz-like mystery has continued to deconstruct itself to the point that many cells/PDAs come standard Wi-Fi ready allowing free Wi-Fi hot spots, that often include whole cities, to literally skip past broadcast and cable options and deliver to the user whatever they find out there in cyberspace. Content can quite effortlessly be delivered via outlets like, podcasting for the second screen and the now increasingly popular third screen. A Reuters report reads that “the Internet, portable music players and other types of new media have widened the entertainment choices for Americans, creating competition for the $70 billion in advertising money the TV industry attracts a year.” The same report finds that 1 in 3 Americans watch TV somewhere other than on their home televisions.

The future of television now only requires this business model to connect content to revenue. I envision that those that master this aspect by generating revenue via niche advertising, while keeping consumer costs at zero and their own overhead costs low can make a fair return on investment and that ladies and gents is what will get the attention of new media investors who dare fund these projects and the advertising world who is salivating to pimp these projects to their clients and the cyber masses.

Do you currently watch video on your cell, IPod or other PDA? Do you see watching it in the future? Post your comments.

Rubin Whitmore II, hip hop media guy



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